The Group of  companies ELDAHO  was founded in 2008, its main objective is to become PCB/FPC leading company to produce & supply PCB, Flex and Flex-Rigid with With our complete facilities line  of plants, we can supply the complete line solution of PCB/Flex products to meet customer's requirement. We have been consistently delivering the highest quality of PCB/Flex  products at reasonable and competitive prices.

ELDAHO's plant  meets the international quality standards. Our strong commitment to the environment is reflected by our ISO 14001:2004 certification. Our group of factories have an extensive experience in manufacturing printed circuit board/FPC. It specializes in supplying high-density double-sided, silver-through-hole, multilayer circuit boards. The Group’s customer consist of different industries around the world, including communications, both mobile network industry, electronics, computer peripheral equipment industry, as well as other consumer products.

Please send to us for the PCB,FPC,Flex-Rigid, MCPCB and Assembly enquiry  at


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